Owner chef: Yusuke kamano

Owner chefHaving his own Japanese restaurant in Australia was Yusuke’s dream since he was working as a sushi chef in Japan.
He worked for very popular sushi restaurant called “Hyakumanngoku” in Chiba. Hyakumanngoku sushi restaurant is the 8th busiest sushi restaurant in Japan. He grew up heavily influenced by his fisherman uncle. His uncle told him how to catch fish, and the uncle was also very strict as to how a fish should be eaten. The uncle taught Yusuke to be very greatful for the life given by them. To this date, Yusuke always say “Itadakimasu” before eating fish which translates to “Thank you for giving your life”. He was always thinking that as a Japanese person, what can he do in Australia?
The conclusion was to become a bridge of cultural exchange between Australia and Japan through Japanese food. He means not only between Australian and Japanese, but also with people from all over the world!
Putting smile on people’s faces through our quality food and spark an interest in Japanese culture, is all he wishes for.


また、彼は幼い頃から漁師であった叔父の背中を見て育ってきました。 その叔父から魚の獲り方を学び、そして魚の食べ方を厳しく躾けられました。食事の際にはいつも海に畏敬の念を示し、海の命をいただく事に感謝しながら『いただきます。』と言っています。彼はいつも、自分は一人の日本人として、ここオーストラリアで何ができるだろうかと考えていました。